NAD+ is a tiny molecule with HUGE healing potential.

At Alive IV and Wellness, our health care providers have years of experience using NAD+ injections. It has been essential in the return to health and wellness in most of the following cases:

Physiological Effects of NAD-Boosting Molecules

NAD+, or nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide, is a critical coenzyme found in every cell in your body and is crucial for hundreds of metabolic processes.

Its primary function however is to help turn the foods we eat into the fuel that our bodies need to function. Low levels of NAD+ have been linked to a variety of age-related diseases and conditions including neurodegenerative disorders, metabolic disorders and cancer.

At Alive IV and Wellness, our health care providers have years of experience using NAD+. They have found it invaluable in treating everything from mild to chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, traumatic brain injury, memory loss, trouble concentrating, and dementia, and more. Adequate levels of NAD+ is essential for optimal health, healing and wellness.


NAD+ primarily functions within the mitochondria of each cell. Mitochondria are often referred to as the “powerhouse” of the cell because they are responsible for producing the energy necessary for all of the body’s normal functions.

In fact, mitochondria are responsible for producing 90% of the body’s energy, and this process is entirely dependent on NAD+.

NAD+ is naturally present in our bodies, but unfortunately, its levels decline substantially as we age. According to scientific estimates, NAD+ levels decrease by 50% by the age of 50 and by around 90% by the age of 80.

Additionally, chronic stress, illness, chronic pain, insomnia, poor diet, and intense exercise can contribute to a decline in NAD+ levels. As a result, our cells’ ability to produce energy is drastically reduced, and all bodily processes are affected by this decline.

Fortunately, supplementing with NAD+ injections can help to restore optimal levels of this vital coenzyme and improve cellular function, energy production and overall health.

Replacing NAD+ usually results in rapid and significant improvement in many areas including:

While more IV clinic use NAD+ in the IV form, we use NAD+ in the injectable form. HERE'S WHY:


NAD+ IVs typically cost $500-$1000, take 2-4 hours, and you may not feel well during them.

Injections of NAD+ are $30-$40, the dose is lower with injections, but they can be used ongoing to sustain appropriate levels of NAD+ in the body.


Since one IV is usually not sufficient to maintain long-term health or to recover from chronic issues, you can take the injectable form of
NAD+ home and do it yourself.

This gives you power over your own health!


Do a brief consultation with the doctor on staff to determine the appropriate dose of NAD+.  We recommend NAD+ as an add-on to all of our IVs but you may also use it as a single therapy.

Start with a small subcutaneous dose of NAD+ and build up until you are at the highest dose that works for you.  Each person has different needs; we will work with you to find what works best for you.  Sometimes this takes a few doses, but often we find the best dose right away.

You may continue to come in for injections with the frequency that works best for you.  Some people need to do it daily for a short time, while others may only want to do it once a week.  Sometimes it takes higher dosing more frequently to get your levels of NAD+ back up again, but once the levels are adequate, it usually takes less to keep them up.  In other words, after a short time, people usually require injections less often and in smaller doses.

You may elect to do self-injections at home.  We will order you a vile, give you all the supplies and teach you how to do the injections yourself.  They are very easy and safe to do and we are always available for questions! 


Numerous clinical trials have been published on NAD+ Therapy, which is well-tolerated.

Side effects are infrequent and are usually mild and short-lived. Side effects include flushing, which is caused by the nicotinamide in the NAD+. 

Nicotinamide is vitamin B3 and can cause mild flushing sensations.